22 Jun 2017
Window AC units are underappreciated cooling systems. Many people will go with a whole house cooling system. But they’re not always an option. Some homes cannot use a full AC system. Or maybe you simply want to cool one room instead of the whole residence. Whatever the case may be, window cooling systems are a [...]
19 Jun 2017
Heat pumps are a great option for climates that experience mild temperatures. While Las Vegas has scorching heats, it does tend to experience milder winters. So instead of a furnace, you can go with a heat pump. It’s smaller, more compact, and easier to maintain and repair. And speaking of repairs, we have you covered [...]
18 Jun 2017
If you’ve never had an energy audit done on your home, then it may be something to consider. It’s a great and easy way to discover your home’s energy needs and how to better power your home. An energy audit is a simple process on your part, as our technician handles everything. Your busy schedule [...]
16 Jun 2017
AC breakdowns don’t always happen at the most convenient times. When all other contractors turn you away because it’s not within their normal business hours, you can trust AC Repair Las Vegas is here to help. Our Emergency AC Repair Service will have your AC back up and running in no time. So no matter [...]
13 Jun 2017
There are any number of reasons a boiler may find itself out of commission. And when that happens, it can mean some cold evenings for you. And it’s our goal to help you avoid that scenario. That’s why when it comes to boiler repair, Las Vegas residents turn to us! Between our knowledgeable staff and [...]
26 Jan 2017
It seems the number of furnace manufacturers continues to grow constantly. And with a furnace being such an important investment, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right manufacturer for your new home addition. And, of course, everyone has a different opinion. We at AC Repair Las Vegas have experience working with different brands [...]
25 Jan 2017
Do you realize how many pollutants are in the Las Vegas air? And do you know how much of that can make it into you home? Even worse, think how much of it isn’t caught and collected by an AC or furnace filter. All of those contaminants are now in your home air and in [...]
21 Jan 2017
An air handler is one of the lesser known parts of the HVAC world. But that doesn’t make it less important. In fact, HVAC professionals tend to highly recommend air handlers for their superior ability to control the temperature of your home or business. If this sounds interesting to you, then keep reading below to [...]
18 Jan 2017
AC Recplacement Is your AC unit not working the way it used to? Is it just not keeping your house cool, no matter what you try? When you live in Las Vegas, it’s vital to keep the heat away and an AC that can’t keep up can be disastrous. It may be time to replace [...]