Most everyone can agree that storms can be a nuisance. And this is especially true when it comes to our AC systems. If your home experiences a blackout or power outage, your cooling system can encounter some issues. Namely, AC tends to keep blowing without actually cooling the air. This is money draining from your pocket for nothing.
So how do we fix this issue? Luckily, there is a possibly easy fix that will take you half an hour and no money out. Follow the steps below and hopefully you’ll be back to a cool home before you know it. But remember not to be afraid to call a technician if you are concerned about handling an AC system on your own.

  1. Start by first going to your thermostat and manually turning off your AC system. Just switch it to the off position instead of cooling, since it can be dangerous to work with a AC that is actively working.
  2. Now, locate your breaker box. Some common places to find this in your home is in the garage or basement depending on where you live. Find the breaker marked for your AC and flip it off and then back on again shortly after.
  3. This is an important step. Wait thirty minutes before turning your AC system back on. Why would we make you wait so long? By flipping the breaker in the box off and on, you’re telling the system to reset the internal breaker. Different systems work at different speeds, so half an hour is a safe estimate. If your AC attempts to begin cooling air, the internal breaker won’t be able to reset. So don’t get too hasty and skip the wait or you will have to start all over!
  4. Once the thirty minutes is up, it’s time to turn your AC system back on. Set it from off to cooling at the thermostat you used earlier. You should begin to feel cool air coming from the vents shortly.

If you followed the steps above perfectly and your system still does not blow cold air like it should, don’t try it again. This can be an indication that something deeper is wrong with your AC and the power outage has just brought this to your attention. Call an AC repair specialist to come out and diagnose what the real problem is.
Our techs at AC Repair Las Vegas are here for you if pesky storms blow through your neighborhood. We can diagnose, repair, and even install new units and our friendly staff is second to none. So give us a call to see what we can do for you and your home or business.
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