It seems the number of furnace manufacturers continues to grow constantly. And with a furnace being such an important investment, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right manufacturer for your new home addition. And, of course, everyone has a different opinion.

We at AC Repair Las Vegas have experience working with different brands and companies and have gathered some pros and cons for each one. And don’t forget to call us when you’re ready to install your new unit, or when you need to take care of annual maintenance. We have all of your furnace needs covered from start to finish.


They’ve been around for three decades and made a name for themselves through a patented advanced HVAC coil. But is that enough to earn your business?


  • Goodman furnaces are one of the most affordable unit brands you’ll find. And what goes hand in hand with that fact is that Goodman repairs and replacement parts are also cheaper.
  • These units are quiet as can be. While they do a great job heating your home and keeping it cozy on cold nights, it won’t interrupt your usual routine with noise.


  • Maybe it’s due to their limited time on the market, but Goodman furnaces tend to break down more often or need more repairs. If you can keep it running longer than usual, you can stand to save a bundle. But it’ not guaranteed.
  • Goodman furnaces uses the same exact secondary parts as some other brands. That means they’re not specifically anything unique or special.


This company traces all the way back to 1902 when Willis Carrier invented modern air conditioning. Let’s see if the company’s furnaces live up to the heritage.


  • Both their heating and cooling systems are considered some of the best on the market. They boast about their level of quality, and consumers agree they provide what they promise.
  • There is a mighty amount of power behind Carrier furnaces. They are highly rated on their ability to heat a home in a small amount of time and keep it at the perfect temperature.


  • High quality systems come with high price tags. Not only are the initial costs of installing the unit more expensive than some competitors, but Carrier furnace repairs are pricey as well. However, they break less often.
  • A strange and unfortunate downside to Carrier furnaces is that they are louder than their competitors’. This could be due to the heating power they offer, but it could be a nuisance.


Furnaces are an old business and Lennox has been around since the 1800’s. But Mr Lennox, the brains behind the brilliance, sold the company in 1902. Has the new owner continued the good work?


  • Lennox furnaces have apparently kept their good name. Customers rave about their units and are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Their reputation is one to trust.
  • You won’t need to worry about your Lennox furnace giving out on you quickly. They are highly durable and tend to last longer than some counterparts. That’s less money spent on repairs and more money in your pocket for a rainy day.


  • Many of the Lennox furnace repair parts are proprietary, just like the units themselves. Because of this, there is a fair amount of red tape involved in acquiring them, even from certified dealers. It can take some time before your parts arrive to be installed, leaving you in the cold.
  • Just like Carrier furnaces, Lennox furnaces run on the loud side. Prepare for some extra noise in exchange for a durable unit. Some disruptive background sound may be worth saving the money.


With over 120 years of experience, Trane is found in thousands of homes across the country. Do they fit the bill to be in your home next?


  • There is a wide variety of Trane furnace units to choose from. They’ve created a menu full of possibilities for you to find the one that matches your needs.
  • A nice feature that Trane offers with their units is the possibility to add high tech upgrades. You can make your unit more efficient or advanced with a little extra cash.


  • If the Trane furnaces sound too good to be true, there is a weak spot in futuristic designs. For unknown reasons, the igniters have a habit of going bad in Trane units. This is a constant repair that could damage the wallet.
  • Another flaw in the design is the units have a knack for backing up due to built up condensation. Yet another repair that adds up quickly and make Trane furnace repairs a pricey affair.


Bryant was founded over a century ago and has been working on furnaces ever since. Their big sell is every unit is 100% ran and tested before it leaves the factory. But does a tested unit equal the best unit?


  • A great benefit of a Bryant unit is that customer service is recognized as top notch. If you need some help with your system, they’ll be friendly and helpful in every way possible. And your technician will love working with them too.
  • Fuel economy is Bryant’s strong suit. You don’t want a fuel guzzler heating your home, costing you an arm and a leg. Keep an efficient and clean running unit to the job.


  • While you hope to avoid costly furnace repairs, sometimes you have to face the worst and a good warranty can soften the blow. Bryant, unfortunately, only offers a five year warranty on their parts, meaning you aren’t as protected as you could be with another manufacturer.
  • Hand in hand with the previous point, Bryant furnace repairs are expensive. The parts come at a high cost compared to competitors, leaving your wallet worse for wear.


Founded by Richard and Rheem in 1925, Rheem features an impressive line of products. From AC to pool heating, they go wherever temperature control is needed. But let’s see if they’re too broad to create quality furnaces that compare to companies that specialize.


  • Rheem furnaces are Energy Star certified, meaning they’re highly efficient in warming your home. They average a 90% or above efficiency rating, saving you more money every time you turn on your furnace.
  • In addition to being efficient, Rheem furnaces needed little repair during their lifetime. You can sleep in your warm home without nightmares of a broken furnace in the morning.


  • Most of Rheem’s furnaces are gas powered. This means, as a unit owner, you’ll have to make constant checks for gas leaks that could prove especially dangerous.
  • Prepare for some noise. You don’t need to replace pieces often, if at all, but they make more noise than anyone else’s units according to customer reviews.


The 1880’s marked the beginning of American Standard when they released their first cast iron radiator. Since then, they have been manufacturing AC and furnace units under the parent company that also owns Trane. Is the parent company’s focus divided, leading the quality to suffer or is it called American Standard for a reason?


  • All of American Standard’s furnaces are part of three main series. This makes it easy to compare and contrast your options from this manufacturer to find the right one for you. And even easier to get parts and updates.
  • Some of the more advanced models from American Standard come with AccuLink, a newer device that allows home temperature regulating equipment to “communicate” with each other and automatically make your home more efficient.


  • Beware the American Standard warranty. A broken part could spell disaster for your savings account, because the warranty leaves something to be desired, covering a fraction of the time of competitors.
  • American Standard furnaces are low on the efficiency rating. They’ll cost you more to operate than some other options on the market.

Surprisingly, and probably dauntingly, this list only scratches the surface of the world of furnace manufacturers. But these are some of the top rated in the industry and any one of them would make a great upgrade in your home. Whichever you choose, AC Repair Las Vegas will be there to handle installation, maintenance, and repairs. Our trained techs can work on virtually any manufacturer’s furnace and have you warm in no time.

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