Across the country, the weather is steadily dropping a few degrees here and there. Winter is almost here and, with it, heating bills. How can you bring down those nasty fees besides layering on the sweaters? Here are just a few tips to keep you warmer and your wallet fuller.

  1. Weatherstripping Makes a Difference

If you don’t know what that larger word is, it’s the seal around your windows and doors. It tends to be made of vinyl or rubber and can, therefore, wear down from use and time. Be sure to replace them to make the cracks airtight and keep the heat you pay for in your home.

  1. If You Can See Light, You’re Losing Heat

Along the same lines as the first tip, look at your front door. If you can see light coming in from under the door, there’s room for heat to escape. Use weatherstripping or adjust the threshold to keep the air in.

  1. Get a Chimney Balloon

If you aren’t keeping your fireplace on at all times (who is), it’s a perfect escape route for warm air. A chimney balloon will cost approximately $50 from online retailers, but it’ll pay for itself every year you use it, making it a worthy investment.

  1. It’s Time for a New Thermostat

This may be the most expensive tip on this list, but a new, programmable thermostat can save you a bundle. If you lower your heating by ten degrees when you’re out of the house, you can save up to ten percent on your heating bill annually! Ask our techs which thermostat is best for your needs and we’ll have it installed in no time, saving you money faster than you can find yet another scarf.

  1. Turn Your Ceiling Fan On Low (Really)

This may seem counterproductive, but it’s a great way to save on heating. Heat rises, so turning your ceiling fan onto a low setting will push that warm air back down to where it matters. You’ll feel warmer without turning up the heat any further, which is definitely a win.

  1. Utilize the Natural Ball of Heat In the Sky

Sometimes snow and grey weather make this impossible, but the sun can be the best heating tool you have. It won’t cost you a thing to pull back the curtain on a sunny day to get some sunlight. And when the clouds come out, close the curtain back up.

While one tip all on it’s own may only save a couple hundred dollars at most, taking advantage of multiple tricks will add up quickly. Winter doesn’t have to mean a blow to your budget. Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year in warm comfort and save your wallet along the way.

If you found these tips and tricks helpful, pass the information along by sharing it with your friends! And if you have some other ideas on how to save on heating, comment below! And don’t forget to stay warm this winter.

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