Whether you own a grocery store, restaurant, hotel, or any number of other commercial locations, refrigeration can be a big part of your business. That last thing you want is for food to spoil, unsold product to go to waste, or your storage to not meet the standards.

Thankfully, AC Repair Las Vegas is not just a residential service. Our techs understand your commercial needs and will go above and beyond to install, maintain, and repair your refrigeration units, so you can focus on managing your business.

The different types of commercial Refrigeration

You may just want to call them all fridges, but there are different types and classifications of commercial refrigeration units. The three most common are as follows.

  1. Reach-In – this is the common refrigerator and similar to what you find in most homes. It’s the style that you open and reach inside to pull out whatever you have stored. The important thing to remember with this style of unit is to measure carefully to ensure that you can fit it through the doorway. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a brand new unit and no way to get it into your business!
  2. Under-Counter – most popular in bars, these are generally smaller units that you will find under the counter as it is aptly named. You can also use this style unit for restaurants where food is prepared to order at a counter to keep ingredients cooled and ready for selling.
  3. Walk-In – a must have for all restaurant owners, a walk-in unit maximizes storage space for food or anything that must be chilled. These large units can be customized to fit everything you need and still leave room for carts to move around.

Picking the right unit for your needs is an important planning step. Too small a unit and you won’t be able to store all your products or ingredients. But too large a unit and you’ll spend more than necessary to cool space you aren’t utilizing fully. The right balance is key to maximize profit.

Maintain your commercial Refrigeration unit

There’s no point in investing in a refrigeration unit if you aren’t going to ensure it receives the proper care and maintenance it needs. Because they are commercial units, they go through a lot of wear and tear and will need to be checked on often in order to continue running smoothly and efficiently. Though each system and unit has different procedures and requirements, there are some general guidelines to follow to keep your unit at its best.

  1. Weekly – every week you’ll want to double check that your settings on your refrigeration unit are set properly. You might need to adjust defrost levels, temperatures, or other specialized settings based on what you’re storing and what laws and regulations you need to follow. Keeping a general cleaning list is also helpful  to keep your unit tidy, especially for walk-ins.
  2. Monthly – this is the chance to do a deeper cleaning than your regular weekly routine. The fans will need to be checked for rust and oiled and wiped down. The coils on some systems also need to be cleaned, though you’ll have to consult your manual for what cleaners, if any, to use and what procedures to follow. This can be a trickier process, so consider leaving it to our friendly techs to maintain your unit with an expert’s touch.
  3. Annually – once or twice a year, your unit will require a tune-up to continue running efficiently. Neglecting to run an annual diagnostics check and tune-up could lead to a steady increase in operating your refrigerating system. The cost of a professional coming in to do this annual check-up pales to what it’ll cost you in the long run when your system breaks down. Preventative measures are everything with such an important investment, so let a trained professional save you from unnecessary hassle.

There are also steps you can take continuously to increase efficiency and performance of your commercial refrigeration units. Let anyone who uses the units know what proper use procedures are. This can include keeping doors securely shut and turning off the light in the walk-in when not in use. These add up and save you money.


Commercial Refrigeration repair

Even those who are diligent in maintaining their refrigeration systems can find themselves with a broken fan or a clogged pipe. Especially in the case of a commercial walk in cooler repair, you will need to call in an expert. Commercial refrigeration repairs can be near impossible to do without the right training and you could do more harm than good. AC Repair Las Vegas has the professionals you need for all your repair needs, including:

  1. Walk In Freezer Repair – everything from a drain clogged up from use to built up ice on your vents can cause your system to run less than efficiently. Walk in refrigerator repair doesn’t need to be a hassle though. Our techs know how to service every square inch of walk ins big or small.
  2. Fan Blade Repair – these are the beauties that keep your system cool and your merchandise fresh.  This may be part of the walk in cooler repair category, but fan blades and motors can be found in a variety of different commercial refrigeration systems.
  3. Refrigerator Compressor Repair – condensers are easy to get dirty or clogged and they are a common part of a commercial refrigerator repair call. Whatever you do, do not attempt to repair your compressor yourself. This can require nitrogen, pressurized air, and chemicals that can cause severe eye damage or worse.

If you are in need of commercial freezer repair, get in touch with us and let us do the dirty work. You can finish other important tasks on your to do list while we get the job done fixing your unit. You’ll be up and running in no time.

If you ever have any questions, from which units to choose to how to keep them well maintained, our techs here at AC Repair Las Vegas have you covered. Our professionals are trained extensively to handle installation, repairs, and upkeep to keep your business going smooth without a hitch.

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