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Myth or Legend: the Optimal AC Temperature

Everyone has a different opinion on the perfect temperature to set your AC system. Some prefer it warmer, some need their home as cold as the arctic. However, if you want to extend the life of your air conditioner, is there an actual optimal temperature to set it to?

Lucky for you, there is. According to Energy Star, the leader in identifying energy efficient products, says your thermostat should never be set below 78 degrees. If you keep it at, or above, that point, your AC will run better and save you money.

Now, before you jump out of your seat and exclaim you could never keep your home that warm, let’s take a second to think about it. 78 degrees doesn’t have to be the end of the world. We’ve got some helpful tricks to keep you feeling cool, while keeping your AC system at the Energy Star optimal temp.

Try Out the Temperature

Have you ever tried setting your thermostat to 78? It may not be as bad as you think. Give it a go and set your system to 78 degrees for a few days. Go about your usual routine, living just the way you normally would. You might actually find that it is a pleasant setting that you can live with. If you still find it absolutely unbearable, then move on to our other tricks below.

Add A Fan or Two to Your Home

Maybe you don’t need to add more strain to your AC system. You can cool down your home with other sources as well. Oscillating, standing fans are an affordable way to add a breeze. And you can either buy multiple fans for multiple rooms, or move around one fan as you switch which room you’re in. Ceiling fans, though a steeper investment, work better and will last longer. The decision is up to you to decide based on which is more important: a cheap initial payment or less money spent overall.

Think About When You Do Household Chores

They may only affect the temperature in your house slightly, but some appliances can have an impact on heat levels. For example, only run your clothes dryer when the house isn’t full and bustling. And consider using the oven in the mornings, so that the house will be cooled by the evening when you are trying to relax.

Install New Curtains

The sun is the #1 source of heat in the world. So keeping it out of your house will go a long way. While white, sheer, frilly curtains may be beautiful to look at, they let a lot of warmth in. Thicker, darker colored curtains will keep the sun, and the heat it brings with it, at bay.

Change Your Body Temperature, Not Your House Temperature

There are a few steps you can take to cool your inner temperature. This can make your house feel cooler, without having to touch the thermostat. Which means you get to feel more comfortable while keeping more money in your wallet.

  1. Drink More – chugging down an ice cold drink can make all the difference. Water is the best for you, but any chilled drink will decrease your body temperature.
  2. Wear Lighter Clothing – if it’s hot outside, lighter clothing is a must. Thin fabrics, sleeveless cuts, and moisture wicking fabrics will make the task of staying cool easier.
  3. Take a Colder Shower – while you might like the hot sting of a blazing shower, a slightly colder one can lower your body temperature. And stepping out from a colder shower will bring a nice chill to your skin, making the house instantly feel more comfortable.

Trying one or more of these tricks will allow you to keep your thermostat where it needs to be. Not only will your monthly electric bill be a bit easier to handle, but your air conditioning system will last you longer. If you do need any repair or maintenance help, however, your friends here at AC Repair Las Vegas will get your house back on the cool side in no time.

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