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As hot as it gets in Las Vegas, tourists don’t realize that it gets darn cold in the winter. Just last night the temp dipped below freezing. Having your heating furnace fail is just as disruptive to your life as the air conditioning going out. We are Heating Repair Las Vegas, and we understand what it’s like to be cold in your own home or business. Here’s why you should call us first for your heating needs:

We all know what it’s like to have no escape from cold weather. You can’t do anything! Really, it’s time to check in to a strip hotel or call a friend or relative and leave the worrying to us. We operate 24/7 meaning we never sleep! Well some of us do. But we will be there for you.
All of our techs must go through a background screening process, plus comply with The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification which is the gold standard for technicians. This is a nationally recognized and respected certification that, while not legally required, is highly recommended for any technician working in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry.
We at Heating Repair Las Vegas know that a verbal agreement is not worth the paper it’s printed on. That is supposed to be a joke. That’s why even for the smallest heating repair projects, we give a free written estimate outlining exactly what we are going to do and how much it is going to cost.
We are often asked, “Do you do furnace installation and repairs near me?” Of course, we do. Heating Repair Las Vegas services throughout the Las Vegas valley, including Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Boulder City. Heck, we will even travel to Pahrump if you need us!
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HVAC Commercial Systems

When it comes to heating, cooling and ventilating a large commercial space, your system needs to move a huge volume of air. You also need the ability to control the temperature in any number of distinct rooms or zones. Think of a grocery store or restaurant for example. The system must be highly reliable so as to eliminate waste or worse yet, your customer being uncomfortable in your store. You probably have noticed that the strip casinos keep the gaming areas very cold. There is a reason for that. Too much heat in these large areas can make people drowsy and keeping it colder has the opposite effect. But that’s a whole other story. Our heating repair and air conditioning specialists will tailor the system to your exact needs

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We highly recommend that Heating Repair of Las Vegas revisit your HVAC system every year. In the meantime, there are a number of things you can do to prolong the life of your furnace or AC unit. Changing your air filters is a must. In order to save you money, we suggest that you buy the most affordable air filters you can find, and change them as frequently as possible. Change them out at least once a month. Should take 10 minutes. Check the batteries in your thermostat if you have them. And a few words about thermostats: Most people don’t even realize that your thermostat has batteries, and there are more than a few smart thermostats that are battery-less, but when the furnace heater fails to deliver for no apparent reason, batteries could easily be the culprit.

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Trouble Signs

It’s pretty simple really. If you are cold and the furnace heater is on, or you are hot with the A/C running, your good old body is telling you there is something wrong. No need to panic as we are just a phone call away and we will determine what’s wrong over the phone. Other signs that indicate a need for service or repairs are a pilot light on any part of the HVAC system that is glowing yellow or orange. Or the furnace is cycling on and off frequently. Or if the thermostat, (smart or not) is behaving badly, like the screen is dim and the buttons don’t perform their assigned functions. Or if the system is producing smelly odors and noise, pick up that phone and call Heating Repair Las Vegas at (000) 000-0000!

The Real Story

One afternoon last year we got a call from a homeowner who keeps hearing the fan furnace blowing at very low levels. Almost whisper like. Then to top it off his NV Energy bill was $350 versus the same month last year of $125. Almost triple the usage! We met the next day and I shimmied up one of those skinny entries to the attic. Before I started crawling around up there, I had noticed that the fan was on low, and that the thermostat looked ok. Everything looked ok at first glance, until I walked around the back of this “air handler” (this house had electric heat and air conditioning) and I noticed a wire that was just dangling around and hitting the metal exterior of the unit. When it hit the metal it created a circuit and turned the furnace on! But not the regular furnace, the EMERGENCY heat! Imagine if you will, putting 20 toasters in your attic and using them for your basic heat source. That’s what makes emergency heat so expensive. Happy end to the story: I reattached the wire to its proper place and checked the system from the thermostat. Problem solved. The cost to the homeowner, one $85 service call. He was thankful and told me that Heating Repair Las Vegas will be the first choice forever. That’s how we work. That’s why you will trust us to repair or service your furnace or air conditioning in Las Vegas.

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