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The city of Las Vegas and surrounding communities like Henderson NV may lie within the hot, sun-baked expanse of the Mojave Desert, but it’s not all scorching heat waves here. The winter months can usher in much cooler weather, and chilly nights aren’t unheard of even during spring and fall. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have an effective, well-maintained heating system even if you don’t need it very often. That’s why we offer both heating and cooling repair, and our service technicians are highly trained in all forms of commercial and residential HVAC repair and installation.

If you’re looking for heating repair, Las Vegas can be a tricky city. The focus is generally on AC’s. But we here at AC Repair have you covered year round, heating included!
Not only are our techs trained in installing furnaces, both commercially and residential, but we can also handle all your furnace repair needs.
Let us help you pick the right sizing and thickness of furnace filters, so you get the best efficiency and lifespan out of your furnace.
We’ll keep your home or office toasty when the temperature drops. Our heating service is top of the line and is sure to put an end to the chattering teeth.

Heating Repair Warning Signs

It may be tempting to wait until your heating system completely breaks down before calling on a heating repair service, but this approach is likely to result in unnecessary costs and an increased risk of serious malfunctions. Instead, it’s best to seek professional assistance at the first sign of trouble. In order to determine when your heater may benefit from professional heating repairs, always be mindful of the following warning signs. If you notice any of these indicators in your home or business, it’s time to consider calling in the pros for a thorough inspection.

Perhaps the most obvious sign of trouble, a heating system that doesn’t blow warm air is clearly not working correctly. You may also experience uneven heating, where certain rooms are warm and others are not. These issues can be caused by a multitude of things, including improper ducting, a failing heat pump, a malfunctioning thermostat and more. A professional can help you identify and repair the root cause of the problem.
Among the most common air conditioner repairs, a lack of air flow is a frequent complaint about heating systems as well. Poor air flow may be the result of damaged or poorly installed ductwork, blocked vents or filters or a number of other issues. Restricted air flow may also be a sign of more serious mechanical issues, so it’s best to have a technician inspect your heating system.
Heating an interior space isn’t cheap, but you should have a good idea of the normal costs for your home or business. If your heating costs suddenly spike for no clear reason, your heater is probably not working as efficiently as it should. Instead of allowing it to burn through money unnecessarily, have your heater serviced by a heating and air conditioner repair professional to restore it to optimal condition.
If your heating system causes grinding, buzzing, squeaking or other unusual noises during normal operation, it’s time to seek out the expertise of a heating repair professional. This is often an indication of an underlying mechanical issue, which can potentially lead to costly hardware failures if left unchecked.
As the name suggests, short cycling is a process in which your heater turns on and begins to heat, only to quickly shut off again unexpectedly. This is sometimes caused by a heater that isn’t sized properly to the building it has to heat, but it can also be caused by failing hardware such as a thermostat or thermocouple.

Heating Repair Service

When winter comes to Las Vegas and temperatures begin to fall, the last thing you want to be doing is battling with a heating system that is inoperative or otherwise not working as well as it should. You also don’t want to contend with surprisingly high energy bills from a heater that isn’t running efficiently. No matter what the problem may be, we have the skilled HVAC technicians to handle it all. Simply contact us to set up an appointment and our technicians will arrive promptly at the scheduled time, equipped and ready to attend to your heating and cooling repair needs. We pride ourselves on delivering superior customer service and exceeding expectations, and whether you need us to fix a heater or repair air conditioner, we’ll do everything we can to exceed yours, too.

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Heating System Maintenance

The best heating system that money can buy won’t do a bit of good if it isn’t properly maintained, which is why it’s recommended that you have your heating system inspected and serviced by a licensed professional at least once every 12 months. While this can be done at any time, it’s usually best to do it in the early fall before the winter heating season arrives. Routine servicing involves a detailed inspection of your HVAC system, cleaning or replacement of any filters and scheduled maintenance tasks designed to keep your system running as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Heater Installation

Installing a new heater system is a major endeavor, so don’t trust it to just anyone. In addition to heating repair, our expert technicians also have the training and experience to tackle the toughest residential and commercial heater installations. We can install systems from a range of top brands, and our attention to detail and unsurpassed customer service will put your mind at ease. Whether you need to heat a small home or a vast commercial or industrial space, we’ll be there to help you with every step along the way.


There’s no need to suffer because of a heating system that doesn’t work or costs entirely too much to operate. Modern heating systems are complex and sophisticated, but our service technicians know what it takes to install and maintain them and keep them operating at peak efficiency. Best of all, we can do it at a price that won’t wreck your budget. We know that you expect outstanding service and results, which is why we hold our staff to the highest standards. For all your HVAC needs, contact us today and see why we’re a premier name in heating and air conditioner repairs throughout the Las Vegas and Henderson NV area.

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