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Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Even the most well maintained commercial refrigeration units can experience break downs and setbacks. Everything from age to use can take a toll. And the last thing you want is your fridge to break down, your food to spoil, your product to go to waste, or your bar missing its cool drinks. No matter if you have a large walk in freezer, or a small under-the-counter unit for garnishes, AC Repair Las Vegas can handle all of your commercial refrigeration repair needs. Our expert techs have seen it all and know how to pinpoint your problems and get your business back up and running. This saves you time, money, and a potential loss of customers. We’re here to get the job done quickly and efficiently, so you can focus more on being a business owner and less on your broken commercial refrigeration unit.

From grocery stores to gas stations, AC Repair Las Vegas has you covered when it comes to commercial refrigerator repair. Product can go to ruin faster than you think, so fast service is the priority of our commercial refrigerator service.
A walk in cooler does a wonderful job of keeping bulk supplies cold. That is, until it breaks. Our techs specialize in walk in cooler repair and can fix everything from a rusted coil to a clogged duct and more. Commercial walk in cooler repair is just one of our many passions.
If you’re looking for commercial refrigeration service in Las Vegas, look no further. We know all the system top to bottom and can take care of walk in cooler repair, commercial freezer repair, and even under the counter refrigeration repair. We have the full spectrum covered in one place.
Under the hot Las Vegas sun, commercial refrigeration, and thus commercial refrigeration repair service, is vastly important. And if you’re in need of commercial refrigeration repair, there’s no one better than AC Repair Las Vegas. We are local, so we understand your unique needs.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

When your walk in cooler or commercial freezer breaks down, you lose money. Your supplies begin to expire, your customers become unhappy, and you find yourself in a sticky situation. You need a team of well trained technicians to analyze your unit, pinpoint the root issue, and solve it in time to keep your business operating as usual. AC Repair Las Vegas is that commercial refrigeration repair team you need. Our customers have praised our work in walk in refrigerator repair, coil repair, commercial freezer repair, and more. So why take a risk with your business when we can repair commercial refrigerator units with precision and speed guaranteed!

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Walk in cooler repair

Restaurants, hotel, stores, and more use walk in freezers to keep large amounts of food and supplies chilled around the clock. Because of this continual use, it is not unusual for the unit to experience wear and tear and break down on occasion. Luckily, walk in cooler repair is a service we at AC Repair Las Vegas have prided ourselves in for years. Walk in freezer repair is difficult to do correctly, and error could cause your system to fail permanently. So don’t leave your system in just anyone’s hands. Trust the experts we have extensively trained to offer friendly, timely walk in refrigerator repair. We can minimize your losses and save you money, so you can bounce back quickly and be back at the top of your game as a business owner or manager.

Commercial Refrigeration Service

There is a multitude of different commercial refrigeration units out there. Small, big, ceiling lit, unlit, shelved, open, and more. And because there are so many different styles and functions, it’s important to hire a company that can individualize their commercial refrigeration service to fit your specific needs. AC Repair Las Vegas has experience in most, if not all, unit styles and can provide the commercial refrigeration repair your unit desperately needs. Coil specifications can be different, fan blades may be proprietary, or the controls may be unique to the make. Don’t let an inexperienced technician guess about what work needs to be done. Our commercial refrigeration services are unrivaled and we strive to provide the friendliest and most efficient and budget friendly service in all of Las Vegas. Ask any of our customers. We make you, and your business, our priority.

Commercial freezer repair

Commercial freezers are an important part of shops, restaurants, bars, and other establishments. It can keep a product chilled while on display. It can keep food cold until it is ready to be cooked and served. It can keep your kegs at the legally required temperature, so you can serve the finest beers on game day. But in the grueling heat of Las Vegas, these systems are constantly working overtime to do their job. Even diligent business owners will eventually find themselves in need of commercial freezer repair. A fan blade will wear down with time, a coil will rust from use, and grime can build up slowly until the unit can’t handle it anymore. Commercial refrigeration repair cannot always be avoided, but who should you call when you find yourself in a desperate situation?


AC Repair Las Vegas is not just a residential AC company. We offer many commercial refrigeration services. So, to go hand and hand with that, we offer repairs as well! Commercial refrigeration repair is a skill that our local technicians have honed over years of service. No system is too difficult for our techs to inspect and locate the issue quickly and accurately. And if a commercial freezer repair is possible, we can take care of it right there and have your freezer cool again before you know it. There’s no need to worry about your unit when you have AC Repair Las Vegas on the job. Hiring us is one of the easiest business decision you will ever make and you can’t go wrong with us!

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